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Small Case But Solve BolierPlate Of My Code StringUtils Apache Common Lang.

StringUtils is Operations on String that are null safe. Snipset code below was a my code history. //when i was in collage String result=”putracode”: if(data ==null && data.length>0 ){ result=data; } //First Time in Job String result= (data ==null && data.length>0 ? data ; “putracode”); //And Now String result=StringUtils.defaultIfBlank(data,”putracode”); Look More Simple.. 😀 StringUtils Helpme […]

How To use Strings Google Guava

Strings is a part of google Guava librarys. Strings is Static utility methods pertaining to String or CharSequence instances. Strings helps us to : Check Null Value Pad String Repeat String Check Prefix or Sufix Let See The example code below : And here are the results of our code snippet above: Visit My Repository […]

Example Java CharMatcher Google Guava

Determines a true or false value for any Java char value, just as Predicate does for any Object. Also offers basic text processing methods based on this function. Implementations are strongly encouraged to be side-effect-free and immutable. Throughout the documentation of this class, the phrase “matching character” is used to mean “any character c for […]