In this section we will learn how to create user defined Type for column of table.
User-defined types (UDTs) can attach multiple data fields, each named and typed, to a single column.UDT can having Collection data type. The fields used to create a UDT may be any valid data type, including collections and other existing UDTs.

Create User Defined Type Address

Show User define Type

Create Table for storing customer data and use type address for storing address of customer

Insert Data for Customer UDT

Retrive data from column UDT

Using dot [.] notation for spesific data on address Datatype

Filtering UDT

create index first

Alter User Defined Column

alter type can
1. adding new field on type
2. rename the field.
3. change type

example code

Note : Altering of types is not allowed

Drop Table

Dropping a user-defined type that is in use by a table or another type is not allowed.