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How To Create Index On Table in NoSQL Cassandra

Use index in Cassandra on a table having many row than contain te indexed value(low or normal cardinality). the more unique value that exist in a particular column, the more overhead you wil have, on average to query and maintenance the index. For example, suppose you hand a playlists table with a billion songs and […]

How to Create User Defined Type(UDT) in NoSql Cassandra

In this section we will learn how to create user defined Type for column of table. User-defined types (UDTs) can attach multiple data fields, each named and typed, to a single column.UDT can having Collection data type. The fields used to create a UDT may be any valid data type, including collections and other existing […]

How to using tuple Data Type Cassandra

Tuple data type is a fixed-length sets of typed positional fields. Use a tuple as an alternative to user-defined type(UDT). A Tuple can accommodate many fields(32768). When we create a table, for tuple datatype use angle brackets and a comma delimeter for the commponent types. Unlike other “composed” types (collections and UDT), a tuple is […]

Cassandra Data Manipulation (Insert, Update, Delete) using `cqlsh`

In previous section we learn creating user, keyspaces and managed table. Now we will learning how to insert, update, and deleting data in cassandra using cassandra.Operation DML ( Data Manipulation Language) similar to RDMS (Relational Database Management System). Using Keyword INSERT INTO for inserting data, keyword UPDATE table_name SET columns WHERE conditional for updating data, […]